Acne Treatments

  • Target specific areas
  • Vegan & Organic Options
  • Physician Strength Skin Care Options
  • Treatments for Teens & Adults
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Acne Treatments

Organic & Express Facials

Natural Acne Facials


Oily-prone skin finds its balance in these clarifying facials. In our Lettuce Be Clear 60min. facial, a minty plantfoliant with 5 botanicals reveals the silky softness you had just beneath the tough stiff. Short on time but not on results, book our 20min Express Facial priced at $39.95. *$69.95 is member & first time client pricing only for our 60min facial. Add on extractions to either facial for just $20.

Microdermabrasion & Peels

Acne Treatments


"Maskne" is the new issue teens & adults alike are dealing with, aside from that though microderm & basic peels can help prevent & treat breakouts & scarring. These effective treatments are combined with active physician strength skin care and are our most popular treatment with teens. Treatment Time 30min. $50 or $74.95 for a 50min. Microderm or 20min. Peel which includes a more tailored treatment for your acne. Prices are member & first time client pricing only. NOT ALLOWED FOR ACUTANE CLIENTS!

Physician Strength Facials

Clinical Acne Facials


The reasons why each person get acne can vary, that is why this treatment is specifically tailored to you. Unlike our organic acne facial that is a one size fits all facial, with this facial our Aesthetician will take a few minutes to listen to your concerns and hand pick each product used for your skin. *$74.95 is member & first time client pricing only. Treatment Time: 60min. Add on extractions for just $20 extra.

Why Acne Treatments?

You control the direction of treatment

Our Aestheticians will listen to you and help give you feedback on the problem areas you'd like to address, we also realize you are here to be pampered and relax as well, touch base with your technician when you have questions and then feel free to sit back and relax during your appointment.

Acne Peels

Acne Peel are available for teens and adults and can be done on the face and on the back! These modified and enhanced Jessner's peels are sure to help you prevent and heal from acne scarring. For enhanced results we recommend a series of three peels followed by a microneedling session a week after your third peel.

Consistency In Treatments

Having a Master Aesthetician to consult with consistently is key in targeting stubborn problem areas. This appointment will give you one on one time to talk with our knowledgeable technicians about how they can help you achieve your skin care goals.

Progressive not Aggressive Peels

Our Aestheticians need to know the types of products you are using, find out what your skin goals are, and then progress through the 4 peel layers to see how your skin reacts before advancing you into our full line. Our peels are PROGRESSIVE not AGGRESSIVE so plan on experiencing light skin peeling and flaking with this beginners acne peel.

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What Our Clients Have to Say

“I had one of the best facials ever by Whitney. My skin has never felt this good!! I will be back!” -October 2020

Pat J.

“Whitney is the best at men’s facials. I know it’s typically a chick thing to do.. but she made me feel totally comfortable and my skin and shoulders have never felt better!” -October 2020

William E.

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